A sort of comprehensive overview of the things I’ve done and am currently doing.

Entrepreneurshit: I’m the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Black Founders. We are dedicated to increasing the number of successful black entrepreneurs in tech and have expanded nationally with programming in NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, and several HBCU campuses.

I also created Speak Chic – the mobile app that teaches you how to correctly pronounce fashion brands. Speak Chic has been featured in numerous fashion blogs as well as Harper’s Bazaar UK, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle..

Civic Innovation: I was one of San Francisco’s first Mayor’s Innovation Fellows and spent a year in the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation where I worked on innovation projects around open data, community wi-fi, and civic engagement.

During my fellowship, I wrote the resolution on broadband and unlicensed spectrum which was adopted at the US Conference of Mayors and contributed to early strategy around community internet access and the availability of broadband in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

I currently consult other government agencies on civic innovation, workforce, and startups/entrepreneurship.

Consumer Tech & Commerce: I’ve worked in consumer tech for more than 10 years and it’s probably my absolute favorite area to work in. I like contributing to both product and marketing/growth and I’ve helped companies execute marketing strategy, define new products, and align product positioning and messaging on web, mobile, and social. I’ve done stints in e-commerce, video-on-demand, and affiliate marketing.

Media & Public Speaking: People seem to want to talk to me a lot about ‘diversity in tech’. I don’t mind talking about issues around diversity, but I consider diversity a byproduct of what I do, not the whole thing. I’ve spoken at SXSW, Dreamforce, Women 2.0, and been a mentor or judge for several hackathons. I’ve been interviewed around entrepreneurship and diversity for The Daily Beast, NPR, TheRoot, and Essence Magazine. I also podcast semi-regularly at CTRLCast where I talk about the latest news and trends in tech. It’s very funny.

Advisory: EveryoneOn.org, Hackers/Founders, and Startup Policy Lab