• Monique Woodard Innovation Month Startup Crawl

    Innovation Month Startup Crawl

  • Monique Woodard and Donna Karan

    W/ Donna Karan

  • Monique Woodard Moderates Customer Development Panel

    Moderating Customer Development Panel

  • Monique Woodard - Conference Panel

    Moderating Startup PR Panel

  • Monique Woodard at Mozilla HQ

    @ Mozilla HQ

I'm Monique Woodard. I love consumers, commerce, and citizens and work with companies on business strategy, marketing, and product innovation.

I'm founder and Executive Director of Black Founders -- a nonprofit organization dedicated to diversity in tech and the success of black startup entrepreneurs.

I love building cool stuff, especially in the consumer and e-commerce space. I created Speak Chic -- the mobile app that helps you pronounce fashion brands.

I am former Innovation Fellow for the City of San Francisco and work closely with government agencies on workforce innovation and civic technology.

Want to know more about what I do?


The Digital Detox

A digital detox sounds like something pretentious people do – like a juice cleanse, but for phones and stuff. And no one needed one more than I did. My routine is the same every morning. Wake up. Pick up the phone from where it’s buried in my bed. Read and return emails. Tweet. Facebook. Secret. […]


Can hackathons encourage civic action and political advocacy?

Hackathons were once the playground of programmers — where 36 hours of caffeine-fueled code would result in interesting applications of new APIs and technology and some gadgety prizes. But lately, we’ve seen the rise of hackathons that use technology to solve social problems where the prize is the warm hug of feeling like you did […]


Let’s Make it Official: Starbucks Should be the Next Big Thing In Coworking

When 6 out of 10 of the world’s most valuable brands are tech companies, you can understand why non-tech consumer brands would want some of that tech fairy dust to rub off on them. The Starbucks highlight reel is full of examples where the brand has used technology to connect with their customers and give […]

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